This is a process where each party has a lawyer who advises him or her, but the parties and their lawyers make an agreement to settle the issues without going to court.  This agreement removes the threat of litigation and allows the parties and their lawyers, through a series of meetings, to work together to deal with all of their issues while allowing the parties to have open and honest discussion about how to move forward.  Collaborative divorce lawyers are specially trained to help you with this process.  



It can be nearly impossible sometimes to have productive conversations with someone when you are both experiencing a lot of stress and a wide range of emotions.  With mediation, disputes are settled with the assistance of a mediator who works with both of you help you come up with solutions that work for your specific situation and circumstances.  Mediators are trained to help you solve your issues together, even when communication between you is difficult


There are times when, for whatever reason, mediation or the collaborative process is not going to work.  We can advocate on your behalf and negotiate with the other party or his or her lawyer to achieve a result that protects your legal rights.  In the rare event that a negotiated settlement cannot be reached, we can represent you in court as well.